• Rev. Jon Tellifero

To our loving friends at Covenant

June 23, 2021

Dear Friends,

Years ago, my mother and I were talking about how she wanted her last days to be. She made it clear she wanted to be loved. I said to mother, “I will be there and love you.” The day has come for me to fulfill this promise. Two years ago, when Beverly and I moved to Lafayette, I knew that fulfilling this promise

was getting closer. I knew it was not if I would fulfill the promise, but when. At some point, I will need to be closer to Mom as my Dad would have wanted. That day has come.

On July 3 at 12:30 a.m. 2019 Dad passed into God’s presence. This made me the last caregiver of Mom. It was my turn. Then came hurricane Barry, then months later COVID, then hurricanes Laura, then hurricane Delta, and then the ice storm. Now we are emerging from COVID and making progress, except for Mom. Therefore, as April finished, I began to look at how to retire so I could be closer to Mom. After talking to Wespath, spiritual confidants, and friends, in the middle of June I submitted my request to Bishop Cynthia Harvey and the appropriate officers of the church to take voluntary retirement.

It appears that September 30, 2021, will be my last day as pastor of Covenant United Methodist Church. This saddens me terribly because of the many friends I have found here in Covenant, but it is time. Duty demands it.

So, for the next several weeks let us have church. We will worship. We will study. We will care. We will continue to build Covenant! Then what will happen? Covenant will have another great pastor! Covenant will have church. Covenant will worship. Covenant will study. Covenant will care.

Beverly and I are already working hard on the future. We are figuring out the next step, but the next step will include mother! That will be so good. To kiss Mom, to love Mom, to be with Mom, that is the target. I hope you understand. This will be good.

With a Heart Filled with Love,

Jon and Beverly Tellifero

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